Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Invisible Pink Unicorn Constitution

I was listening to NPR today whilst walking the dogs, and the guest on the Diane Rehm Show was none other than Lawrence Tribe. I'll admit I know little of him apart from the usual praise (this generation's most respected Constitutional scholar, Barack Obama's Jedi master) heaped upon him by the usual sources, and his ability to actually properly parse all 27 words in the second amendment. He pimped his new book "The Invisible Constitution", and uttered the phrase "living Constitution" at least a dozen times; I think I may have injured my neck shaking my head so much. You really should just listen to the audio yourself before the link dies (Invisible Interview). If you hold any libertarian sentiments you may wish to don a helmet before listening, lest you ruin your monitor if your head asplode.

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